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Measure Protocol
Measure Protocol


London, UK


Consumer Products · Data and Analytics · Design · Hardware · Software


11-50 employees



founded in


Measure is a blockchain powered economy for human-generated data. People have insufficient control over their data. It is frequently unclear when and where data about them is being captured or used and when it is, they are being compensated poorly or not at all and have to trust the companies using it to keep it private. Yet, much of the world is fuelled by person-based data — from social and marketing research to advertising, finance, and insurance — data about individuals and populations drives everything from product development to public policy. Measure democratizes access to accurate data about individuals and populations while allowing people to maintain sovereignty over their data. Measure does this by introducing a new blockchain-based protocol that facilitates the network and infrastructure to form a marketplace. On one side of the market are individuals who contribute data by completing tasks, surveys or providing access to data sources such as health and location data. On the other side are buyers of person-based data, such as marketers, researchers and advertisers. Between them is software and a public blockchain that allows buyers to interact directly with individuals in a way that protects the privacy of the individual, incentivizes accuracy, and provides transparency around data usage and payment. A primary goal of the protocol is to maximize the supply of accurate, representatively sampled data about individuals. It features a simple, standardized pricing model indexed by scarcity and complexity, a reputation system for both buyers and contributors that encourages efficient survey design and good faith participation, and a set of economic incentives to encourage data reuse.

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