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Director of Sales & Business Development

Flash Forest

Flash Forest

Sales & Business Development · Full-time
Ontario, Canada · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Flash Forest is an innovative environmental technology company that specializes in large-scale reforestation efforts using cutting-edge technology. Joining Flash Forest will provide you with an opportunity to make a significant impact on the global reforestation landscape. As a Director of Sales you will lead the business’ vision, strategy, plans, and processes that will drive sales, increase revenue, expand markets, and accomplish financial objectives while identifying and evaluating new markets, partners, channels, and customers.

Your Contribution

Identify and develop strategic partnerships: Research, identify, and evaluate potential strategic partners and collaborators that align with Flash Forest's mission and objectives. Develop a comprehensive partnership strategy and execute initiatives to establish and nurture long-term relationships.

Drive revenue growth: Collaborate with internal teams, including sales and marketing, to identify revenue generation opportunities through strategic partnerships. Develop and implement strategies to leverage partnerships for new business opportunities, revenue growth, and market expansion.

Negotiation and contract management: Lead negotiations with potential partners to establish mutually beneficial agreements. Work closely with legal and executive teams to draft, review, and finalize partnership contracts, ensuring all terms and conditions are clearly defined and aligned with Flash Forest's objectives.

Relationship management: Build and maintain strong relationships with strategic partners, ensuring regular communication, collaboration, and alignment of goals. Provide ongoing support and partnership management to ensure successful execution of joint initiatives.

Market intelligence and trends analysis: Stay informed about industry trends, market dynamics, and competitor activities within the reforestation and environmental sectors. Conduct market research and analysis to identify emerging opportunities and potential risks.

Role & Responsibility

  • ● Drive Revenue Growth
  • ● Develop and execute the company's business development strategy in alignment with overallorganizational goals.
  • ● Identify, evaluate, and prioritize new business opportunities, market trends, and potential partnershipsfor strategic growth and revenue generation.
  • ● Drive client acquisition efforts and revenue targets by implementing creative and effective outreach


  • ● Close large-scale deals, cultivate and maintain strategic relationships with clients, industry constituents, government organizations, First Nations and professional organizations to enhance the company's reputation and expand its network.
  • ● Recruit, develop, and mentor a high-performing business development team to drive results and achieve organizational objectives.
  • ● Provide leadership and guidance to cross-functional teams involved in business development activities, fostering a collaborative and high-performance work environment.
  • ● Lead the development and execution of an international expansion and multi-channel market-entry strategy.
  • ● Assess and quantify business development opportunities in the consumer, carbon credit, and forestry markets while upholding ethical standards and maximizing revenue potential.
  • ● Drive continuous improvement by assessing and optimizing business development processes, identifying areas for efficiency, and implementing solutions to enhance productivity.
  • ● Collaborate with the financial and executive teams to perform sales reporting, forecasting, and analysis.
  • ● Collaborate with the executive team to establish and monitor key performance indicators and metricsto measure the effectiveness of business development efforts, help inform and align with thecompany’s operational plans, and the overall organizational goals.
  • ● Develop and execute strategies to mitigate risks associated with business development activities.

Competencies & Qualifications

  • ● Education: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or related field. Master's degree preferred.
  • ● Experience: Minimum of 7 years of experience in business development and sales.
  • ● Industry Knowledge: Demonstrated understanding of climate technology and reforestation initiatives.
  • ● Strategic Vision: Ability to develop and execute a strategic business development plan aligned with thecompany's mission for environmental regeneration.
  • ● Client Acquisition: Proven track record in driving client acquisition efforts and generating revenue forclimate technology solutions.
  • ● Team Management: Strong leadership skills to build and lead a team focused on environmentalregeneration projects.
  • ● Environmental Expertise: Familiarity with reforestation practices, carbon credit markets, andsustainability principles.
  • ● Collaboration: Experience collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve common environmentalgoals.
  • ● Networking: Ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, environmentalorganizations, and partners.
  • ● Communication: Excellent communication and presentation skills to represent the company's missionat environmental events and conferences.
  • ● Ethical Standards: Commitment to upholding ethical standards in all aspects of business developmentand environmental initiatives.

What We Value

IMPACT - We started Flash Forest with the goal of offsetting enough carbon emissions to have a significant and measurable impact on climate change within the next decade.

QUALITY - We work closely with plant scientists and forestry experts and will use multispectral mapping UAV technology to select ideal planting sites and provide valuable follow-up data on ecosystem health.

INCLUSIVITY - We want everyone to have a way of personally contributing to a large-scale environmental solution through an organization they can trust.

COOPERATION - We are committed to partnering with local groups, agencies, scientists, and individuals of all types to share knowledge and resources for the best reforestation solutions.

_________________________________________________________________ Flash Forest is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity, inclusion and fairness. We encourage applications from all backgrounds and experiences, treating everyone with respect, and offering equal opportunities for advancement and growth. Join our team and get involved with a culture that celebrates uniqueness and embraces collaboration!

Alternatively, applications may be emailed to Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. We thank you for your interest!

Flash Forest is an equal opportunity employer.