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Quantum Measurement Engineer

C12 Quantum Electronics

C12 Quantum Electronics

Paris, France
Posted on Friday, March 10, 2023

The company

C12 Quantum Electronics develops reliable & application-specific quantum computers, to solve highly complex computing tasks, currently out of reach of even most powerful supercomputers.

Building a quantum computer still needs innovators ready to tackle exciting challenges. C12 founders are convinced that only a new material for the qubit will bring a technological breakthrough.

C12 Quantum Electronics uniquely uses carbon nanotubes as the fundamental building blocks of its quantum processor. This high-purity material minimizes errors, radically improves performance and reduces hardware overhead for fault-tolerant computing. Combined with well-established semiconductor techniques, carbon nanotubes will help scale quantum computing, just as silicon revolutionized classical computing.

Founded in 2020, C12 Quantum Electronics is a fast-growing start-up, having raised a seed round of USD 10 million in June 2021 and building its own lab space in the center of Paris.

The job

As part of the quantum measurement team at C12, you will measure and characterize spin qubit devices to achieve quantum operations. In collaboration with other scientists you will :

  • Work on optimising and automatizing the formation of double quantum dots coupled to microwave resonators
  • Develop coherent control of spin qubits hosted in carbon nanotubes
  • Along with our theory team, collaborate in the design and the implementation of optimised readout schemes as long as 1-qubit and 2-qubit gates
  • Along with our nanofabrication team and RF engineers, participate in the design of the on-chip microwave architecture in order to maximise readout fidelity and qubit coupling
  • Maintain, specify and build room-temperature DC and high frequency measurement setup (hardware and software)
  • PhD in Electrical engineering, Physics, Applied Physics or other related field
  • Background in cryogenics and semiconductor/superconductor device measurements (low-noise electronic measurements, cryogenic techniques, quantum dot characterization, cavity Quantum ElectroDynamics experiments) - experience with spin qubits or superconducting qubits is preferred
  • Basic understanding of good software development practices, Python language, and version control systems
  • Ability to distil and communicate scientific information effectively with the wider team
  • Good communication in English (verbal and written)

You should join us if :

  • You want to contribute to achieve landmark results in quantum computing and participate in setting up the world-first architecture of a five-qubit chip with all-to-all connectivity between spin qubits, making a difference in the emerging quantum technologies
  • You want to work within a 30-people team with various backgrounds in nanofabrication, quantum electronics, and carbon nanotube science to create a revolutionary quantum computing processor
  • You want to thrive in a exceptional scientific environment with several industrial and academic partners
  • You relate to our values (excellence, scientific integrity, diversity, curiosity, and care) and want to help us define our product-focus culture and ambition to accelerate